For example, your desire to be a mother can lead you to find a

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For example, your desire to be a mother can lead you to find a

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relica birkin hermes With their eye on the bottom line, those bosses will likely have loved this show. Waight Keller stripped the punk from Givenchy but retained Tisci’s streetwise narrow tailoring; she brought a little breezy femininity from Chlo but left the whimsical, soft focus dreaminess behind. The palette was, as she put it backstage after the show, “urban with polish”: black and navy with punches of lipstick red and turquoise. There were tips of the hat to Hubert de Givenchy, the 82 year old founder of the house beloved of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis, in the chic simplicity of separates: a white blouse and black pedal pushers, for instance, and a blouse whose sleeves hinted at Hubert’s iconic Bettina style. What Waight Keller called “angular flou” dresses with sheer sections of sharp pleats, so that they had both softness and graphic shape hit a pitch perfect note halfway between syrupy ruffles and severe tailoring relica birkin hermes.

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